Three Things

In which we start the day with links and such

Trey Graham


Love and props to Brittany Shepherd, who covers politics for Yahoo! News, for the honesty (and the suggestions) in this thread:


With World Pride unfolding in NYC, my old home team at NPR published this beautiful visual story — a vivid reminder that we really are everywhere.

Left: Leanna and Xiaoguo in Beijing. Right: Zhongbao and Zhiyong in Shenyang. Photos: Raul Ariano


If you know me well at all, you know I grew up in South Carolina — and that I have an extended family of “characters,” which is a nice way of saying “people who have no chill” or “escapees from the crazyhouse.” You will perhaps understand, then, why I love smart, literary-minded, progressive-leaning publications like Bitter Southerner (that story the other day about Tangier, the sinking Chesapeake Bay island, is from them) and Garden & Gun. The latter, a Charleston-based outlet that feels a bit like a kind of drawly New York Magazine, has served up everything from oral histories of iconic film shoots to a chummy profile of André Leon Talley that reads like it might have been dictated over juleps — several juleps — under somebody’s backyard yella jessamine arbor. Their summer 2019 reading list, which celebrates among other things a reissue of the classic Possum Living, is likewise a tasty tasty snack:

See y’all soon.