New Year, New ...

In which we discuss how sooner or later, a change is gonna come



So I got busy last week, picking up a thread I’d last pulled at back in September. Actually it was the people on the other end of that thread who gave it a tug, and I followed it out of town, down to Fort Lauderdale, and through a whole bunch of really interesting conversations.

Certain of these conversations involved my wearing a suit in Florida, which I would normally just refuse to do, but which this time felt like an opportunity to remind myself that I clean up OK:

See? Unmistakably fat-daddyish, but still presentable. Although I am not sure, after the fact, about the fish on my head.

(Also, once the suit had done its work, I had lunch outdoors in January. In shorts and a T-shirt. Which I have to admit is one of those things that Does Not Suck.)

Anyhoo, it turns out that as a result of those interesting conversations, I’ll be out of pocket and off of Classical WETA’s air for the month of February. Out of Washington, too. I’ve got about a week and a half more to spend here in D.C. for now, and a day or two I’ll spend closing up the place in South Carolina, after which I’ll be less in evidence for a bit.

But fret not: Ya boy isn’t vanishing entirely. And no, he’s not off to rehab (again).

This thing, it’s a good thing. A thing that will involve new people, new stories, and to some degree a new me.

So stay tuned.