Binge-Watching The Pretty People

In which Your Amiable Host powers through several seasons of 'Poldark' in a week, and has feelings about it feelings I tell you

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So I don’t know why — OK I do know why, it was that there shirtless pic of Aidan Turner, aka Capt. Ross Poldark of His Majesty’s 62nd Regiment of Foot — but I’ve been on a mad binge-watch of the glossy-sexy Masterpiece Theatre drama Poldark via my WETA Passport subscription.

WETA Passport

(It’s a perk when you support my day-job peeps at Classical WETA-FM! Doesn’t matter where you live! Nor require much of a pledge even!)

Anyway Poldark, or as I like to call it The One With The Broody Dude And The Crabby Cornish Aunt. I have over the past few days watched four of the five seasons, and I have in those days (and um nights) developed many feelings and observations, some of them becoming and many of them decidedly un.

I have shared a few of those feelings in real time on the Twittermachine, but for those who don’t follow me religiously (the nerve) I have compiled them below, that you might understand how my relationship to characters, places, and stories changes over time. And with sleep. And/or caffeine and/or sugar. Also there are bonus feelings here that have not made it to Twitter because I am having them even now, as I write this in the middle of a sweaty Saturday night.

I hope and trust that you, Gentle Reader, will share any feelings you may have about Poldark, or about Poldark, especially Wet Without His Shirt Poldark, as they occur to you.

Ed note: it was not enough for Doomed Babby to die. Doomed Babby went into a tiny velvet coffin, and then her funeral got rained on, which: OH SURE. I hate everything.

As you may have deduced, I tend to take my prestige dramas relatively seriously right up until I hurt myself rolling my eyes when a Regency matron voices some particularly modern attitude about poverty or equality — at which point I begin to hook snark at it. Aaaaanyway I hope you have enjoyed; for now, thus endeth the Poldarking, at least until I get myself a VPN so I can stream the UK’s new Season 5 episodes.